Monthly Archives: July 2013

The benefits of blogging

When deciding to start this blog, I searched the web for some thoughts on starting up a blog. Much of what I found was fairly standard generic writing advice, like prioritize quality over quantity, write clearly, take a break from what you have written and then reread/rewrite before publishing. I am surprised at how few make the arguments that a blog may serve as a notebook of interesting stuff, originating from both oneself and others, and as a way of clarifying one’s own thoughts. These are benefits even in the case of 0 readers, and to me seem like major ones.

From some of my favorite blogs: Chris Blattman: Should junior faculty blog? Yes, just do not spend too much time on it. And Twitter takes him to unexpected places. John Sides from The Monkey Cage: Publicizing others’ research improves appreciative thinking. Finally a small collection of others’ advice from marginalrevolution.