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Monthly book roundup – 2016 February

Books finished in February:
(Warning: reviews are unpolished and quickly written.)

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future (2014) by Ashlee Vance. Interesting and engaging about a visionary entrepeneur in online payments (PayPal), electric cars (Tesla), space travel (SpaceX), and solar power (Solar city). Musk comes off as a brililant, vain, and eccentric control freak. It will be interesting to follow him further.

The Three-Body Problem (2014) by Cixin Liu. Chinese science fiction. Something about the narrative was unlike the (Western) science fiction literature I am familiar with. An interesting experience. The parts from the cultural revolution seemed caricatured, but maybe it really was like that then.

Nemesis: One Man and the Battle for Rio (2015) by Misha Glenny. Nem ends up as Don of the Rocinha favela in Rio. In Misha Glenny’s telling, Nem is more of a businessman than a criminal, and a provider of peace and prosperity, at least compared to other Dons. But several types of police, other gangs, and other dangers are always present in this corrupt world.

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