Let us not make such a fuss over a bite

People should not bite each other. Neither should they push, kick or stamp on each other. That is why we have regulations against these sorts of behavior, both on and off the football pitch. When someone breaks these regulations, (s)he is punished. The punishment is presumably related to the severity of the offense. Not so. Luis Suarez’ bites are less dangerous than many of the tackles that occur almost every football match (and that are deservedly rewarded with yellow and red cards when the referee sees them, as biting should be). Yet the previous time Suarez bit, he was given a 10 match ban, making it to no. 5 on Top 10 longest Premier League bans. Joey Barton is no. 3 on that list with a 12 match ban, because he “elbowed Carlos Tevez, kicked Kun Aguero and attempted to headbutt Vincent Kompany.” Comparable offenses?

Besides, Suarez’ acts are so irrational and non-self serving as to be covered by an insanity defense.

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