Monthly book roundup – 2015 November

Books finished in November:
(Warning: reviews are unpolished and quickly written.)

Iron War: Dave Scott, Mark Allen, and the Greatest Race Ever Run (2011) by Matt Fitzgerald. Modern triathlon classic given to me by an old friend. Ranges from the ridiculous (Madam Pele…) to the sublime (the race). Fortunately, the good parts dominate. Recommended.

Seveneves: A Novel (2015) by Neal Stephenson. “The hard rain” might be the most awesome plot setting I have ever come across. The story itself, about a human society descending from seven Eves trying to survive in space, goes from the near to the far future, and like always with Stephenson includes lots of technology, economics and politics as well as becomes a little long-winded at times and has some ups and downs. But overall recommended.

Ratings and old books are in the library.

2 thoughts on “Monthly book roundup – 2015 November

  1. Paweł Doligalski

    I agree about “Seveneves”: first part of the book (up to the 7 eves) was really good, second part not that much. After Seveneves I’ve read Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson. The topic is very similar, even the plot has similar elements, but the two writers each opposing conclusions. Essentially, Aurora is realistic/pesimistic version of Seveneves, where rebooting humanity from 7 women would be hopeless. With such a small population we would loose the evolution race with germs and parasites (as in

    Btw, check other books of KS Robinson. He wrote about colonization of Mars 20 years before it was cool 🙂 Also, he wrote my favourite alternative history novel:

  2. Oeystein Hernaes Post author

    Yes, most things go pretty smoothly in Seveneves. There is a concern with introducing variability in the reproduction process, though.

    Ok, I will, I have not read anything by him yet.


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